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What is this assistance service about
For those people who are just starting out in the computer world, they do not have much knowledge, the technological age of the Internet has caught them back, or they do not have, simply, some technical knowledge of some subject of what I -for my curriculum- if I can or could have, I give them specific time-specific personalized advice for free.

What should you do
1º Send an email from the ASSISTANCE SERVICE section with the following information:
- Nick: It will be a real or invented name.
- E-mail
- Subject: Very brief description of the problem
- Message body: description of the problem.

What I do
2ºA In case it can be resolved with an e-mail, I will respond to the e-mail with a solution or options for what solutions the problem. Or a guide of what you should do to solve the problem yourself.
2ºB If I see that a Skype session could be interesting to comment on the problem I send you my contact for the question of the first e-mail.
3º In case your problem has not been solved. You get back in touch with me to find an alternative by e-mail or Skype.

I don't do
- I don't give psychological support. Except in case that it is the fault of a computer.
- I don't give courses.
- I don't teach computer classes. I only solve specific problems.
- I don't do your end-of-course work.
- I don't charge; I don't charge anything.

Terms of use
- I can dedicate up to 3 hours spread over 1 to 3 days.
- The problem and solution I can post on the blog to serve as a solution for others.
- I can use your nickname to refer to you in the blog article. Not the e-mail or personal data.
- Work for you via Skype between 09:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., with GMT-1 schedule after appointment. By e-mail it can be when you least expect it.
- If after giving support we have not found a solution we can present it at MIT for study and analysis </sarcasm>

Why do I do it?
- How to challenge and personal satisfaction.
- I understand that there are no people as smart as me </sarcasm>
- Dedicate the equivalent to 16% of an ideal working day for me.
- Know more about people.
- You can consider it a particular time bank for you and with no commitment to return it.

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